Ask Yourself...

  • What if...

    Waking up in a BAD MOOD simply stopped happening...

  • What if...

    Arguments became a THING OF THE PAST...

  • What if...

    Other people's opinions of you NO LONGER BOTHERED YOU. At all...

  • And what if...

    You got to CHOOSE to feel good... Whenever you wanted...

  • Which means...

    You giggle more, sleep peacefully, and randomly burst into song (ok, that's optional)...


THE LAKE - Feel GOOD More Often with this Unique Tool

Ever been in the flow? You know, when everything just feels right? Yup, you know how fabulous life can feel at times. But then your THINKING kicks in. Which triggers that habitual inner BAD MOUTHING. And you feel helpless. At it's mercy. It ruins everything...! Maybe it's time for a NEW PERSPECTIVE. One that FEELS BETTER..? Well, that's what this UNIQUE TOOL can teach you.

The Low-down on THE LAKE (What exactly is it..?)

Listen to this short podcast to hear me share a bit more about The Lake

What Clients Are Saying About The Lake...

“I have seen what top of the lake looks like and experienced the bottom. It's a wonderful tool that helps you learn more about yourself and the power that you have to change the way you see things. It's transformed my life!”


“Once I understood and applied The Lake analogy, it magically opened up a whole new world I wasn't aware of. It's awesome! ”


“I use The Lake every day to help me to shift my perspective in situations that I perceive to be affecting me negatively, and to rather see what is happening objectively. It helps me to look for the learning and growth in every experience, and thereby know myself better. Applying The Lake’s principles has made me happier and lighter.”


“Using the Lake in my romantic relationship (he also understands the process), allows us to give each other space when feeling bad, and not to take the other’s reaction personally. This prevents misunderstandings and we each take responsibility for our own perceptions, and therefore our own happiness. It's made such a difference! ”


This Course Is DEFINITELY For You If...

  • You KNOW how to FEEL FANTASTIC! Sometimes. And now you want MORE!

  • You feel GREAT, until you look at the world around you.

  • You want more LOVE. Less ARGUING.

  • Or maybe you're used to feeling PRETTY AWESOME. But lately that's gone AWOL...

  • Quite simply, YOU WANT TO FEEL BETTER! Like NOW!

How Exactly Will Using THE LAKE Help You?

What Will Be Different? What Will You Learn?

  • How to easily SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE. This can be the GAME-CHANGER you've yearned for...

  • How to CREATE good feelings. You'll learn to MANAGE your MOOD...

  • How to GO WITH THE FLOW. Feel more at EASE. Less fear...

  • Why feeling bad/sad/unhappy/etc should NOT be avoided, but EMBRACED! (I kid you not...!)

  • That YOU'RE the head-honcho of HOW YOU FEEL! The BOSS of your mind! Always!

And It's Convenient Too!

Once you've enrolled, you can access all the content at your leisure. This course is designed to allow YOU to plan your lessons at YOUR convenience.

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

    Perspective 101

    • About This Module

    • Perspective Defined - Part One

    • Perspective Defined - Part Two

    • Why Are Our Perspectives So Different?

    • What Colour Glasses Do You Choose?

    • Perspective Worksheet

  • 4

    Introducing THE LAKE

    • About This Module

    • The Lake - Defined

    • Defining The Lake - Worksheet 1

    • My TOTL Collage

    • My BOTL Collage

    • Let's Practice - An Event

    • Let's Practice Some More - The Same Event As Seen From THE LAKE

    • The Lake - Practice - Worksheet 2

  • 5

    Exploring The Depths Of The Lake

    • About This Module

    • Our Default Negativity Bias

    • Is Being BOTL Bad?

    • Can We EFFORT Our Way To The TOTL?

    • Should We Stay At The TOTL?

    • In Summary...

  • 6

    Using The Lake Daily...

    • About This Module

    • The Retrospective Approach

    • Using The Lake Daily - Retrospectively

    • The Pre-Paving Approach

    • Using The Lake Daily - Pre-Paving

    • A Few Simple Rules

    • Using The Lake Daily - Rules

    • Making The Lake Your Habit

    • Final Words

Bonus Stuff!

Yup, there's MORE..! On top of all the content-filled Modules, you get...

  • 45 Minute 1:1 Coaching Session With Jacky

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    Here's where you get to connect with me on a personal level. This session is where you get dig a little deeper into how THE LAKE can really ROCK YOUR WORLD!

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THE LAKE allows you to CHOOSE when to feel good! Every. Single. Day.