What does overthinking

FEEL like to you..?

Do you feel..





Or simply EXHAUSTED..?

So what if there was a way to CHANGE that..?

A way to to experience your overthinking differently?

A way that actually EMPOWERS you?

What If You Could:

  • UNDERSTAND what CAUSES your overthinking. WHY do you do it?

  • LET GO of the overwhelming feelings of ANXIETY, FEAR and SELF-JUDGEMENT that you experience when you're overthinking

  • RESTORE some CALM and CLARITY to your life

  • DECISIVELY make choices that FEEL RIGHT..!

Yup, It's ALL possible..



A course that offers you the opportunity to 
exactly WHY 
some of us get caught up in our heads.


What is overthinking? 

And why do we do it? 

When you UNDERSTAND what's BEHIND your overthinking, you're less likely to get sucked into the drama playing out in your head.

More importantly, you'll STOP BELIEVING the endless fearful scenarios swirling around in there...

OVERTHINKING 101 will teach you skills that will help you to
shifting you towards
 a QUIETER and CLEARER mind 
when you need it most. 

One step at a time..

"OVERTHINKING keeps us busy, but takes us nowhere.."

It's time to start a NEW CHAPTER (don't you think..?)

Experience the First Few Chapters for FREE

Course Curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    Understanding OVERTHINKING

  • 3

    A New Perspective on OVERTHINKING

    • What if OVERTHINKING had value?

    • Worksheet 3

  • 4

    Finding Some EASE and RELIEF from your Busy Mind

    • Acknowledgement and Acceptance of our Current State of Overthinking

    • Personal Declaration

    • Looking BEHIND our Fearful Thinking

    • Making the Shift AWAY from overthinking

    • Your 5-Step Guide To A QUIETER MIND

  • 5

    In Summary..

    • Final Thoughts

On Completion of this course, you'll be better equipped to..

  • Better understand what's BEHIND your overthinking - WHY you do it

  • Acknowledge the VALUE to be found in having a busy brain (yup, there really IS value in overthinking)

  • BREAK FREE from the habit of overthinking and consciously begin to SLOW your thoughts

  • Experience more CLARITY as you move away from your BUSY BRAIN. From here you'll feel more CONFIDENT in your decisions and choices


Isn't it time you INVESTED in your own WELLBEING?

Bonus Stuff..!

(Which we all LOVE..!)

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You DESERVE freedom from the confines of your overthinking

Just take the first step...