The Truth..

(in my humble experience..)

Let's be honest: OVERTHINKING BLOWS..!

Getting caught up in our BUSY BRAINS, leaves us feeling OVERWHELMED, FEARFUL and EXHAUSTED..!

We feel FRUSTRATED, unable to make decisions and are left feeling HOPELESS in a foggy haze of CONFUSION..

So what if there was HOPE..?

A way to shift towards a QUIETER MIND?

What If You Could:

  • See BEYOND your overthinking, understand it's PURPOSE and VALUE (yes, it has value..!)

  • Move away from overwhelming feelings of ANXIETY and FEAR and step closer to renewed CONFIDENCE and SELF-ACCEPTANCE..

Yup, It's ALL possible..

Introducing a PROCESS that offers you the opportunity to gain 


 around your busy brain.


What is overthinking? 

And why do we do it? 

When you can see what's really going on you're less likely to get sucked into the drama playing out in your head.

More importantly, you'll STOP BELIEVING the endless stories swirling around in there...

Ultimately, you'll learn ways to shift towards 

quieting the mind 

when you need it most. 

One step at a time..

"OVERTHINKING keeps us busy, but takes us nowhere.."

It's time to start a NEW CHAPTER (don't you think..?)

What You'll Get From This Process:

On completion of this process, you'll:

  • Understand what's BEHIND your overthinking

  • Find some BENEFIT to all that exhausting brain gymnastics

  • Consciously shift towards SLOWING your thinking

  • As you slow your thinking, you gain more CLARITY. From here you'll feel more confident in your decisions and choices

And there's MORE..!!

Bonus Stuff..!


  • Free Coaching Follow-up

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    This 45 minute follow-up is a safe place for you to share and explore any thoughts, insights or fears. As your coach, I'll do my best to add even more value to this process.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • What You Can Expect From This Course

  • 2

    Understanding OVERTHINKING

    • OVERTHINKING - Is it a Real Thing..?

    • Worksheet One - YOUR version of OVERTHINKING

    • The Important Link Between THINKING and FEELING

    • Worksheet Two - Experiencing THOUGHTS as FEELINGS

    • So Why Does OVERTHINKING Feel So Bad..?

    • How Our Natural Level of SENSITIVITY affects OVERTHINKING

  • 3

    A New Perspective on OVERTHINKING

    • What if OVERTHINKING had value?

    • Worksheet 3 - Shifting Your Perspective from one of RESISTANCE to one of NEUTRALITY

  • 4

    Finding Some EASE and RELIEF from your Busy Mind

    • Acknowledgement and Acceptance of our Current State of Overthinking


    • Looking BEHIND our Fearful Thinking

    • Making the Shift AWAY from overthinking

    • Worksheet #4 - Your 5-Step Guide To A QUIETER MIND

  • 5

    In Summary..

    • Final Thoughts