How do you FEEL in your relationship?

We're constantly growing and expanding. That's a given.

And because we're UNIQUE, that rate of growth varies from person to person.

So, maybe we were once PERFECTLY aligned to our partner, and now we're not. 

It's not wrong, it's simply the nature of being HUMAN.

In a society where a successful relationship 

is defined by its longevity

it's no wonder  that we sometimes stay in relationships that 

no longer fit..

Ask Yourself:

If my relationship stays exactly as it is right now, 

absolutely nothing changes for the next 5 years, 

will I feel happy and fulfilled?

Sound good?

Or do you feel conflicted? 

Maybe you can sense that something isn't quite right 

but you just can't put your finger on it.

Or perhaps the very thought gives you the creeps..!

If you're nodding, then READ ON.


How This Works

This is a PROCESS specifically designed to gently guide you out of the foggy tunnel of confusion and inner conflict that you're currently feeling about your relationship. 

You'll emerge with a clearer and more focused understanding of HOW YOU TRULY FEEL about this partnership, and with a definite idea of WHAT YOU TRULY WANT going forward. 

From this place of CLARITY, 

it's easier to decide what your NEXT STEP is...

What You'll Gain From This PROCESS:

  • A better understanding of WHY you're feeling conflicted about your relationship

  • An opportunity for total honesty about what you TRULY want in a relationship

  • An opportunity to PROCESS some uncomfortable aspects of your partnership that you may have been avoiding

  • A CLEARER VISION of what your IDEAL relationship looks like

  • A sense of CLARITY will Increase your CONFIDENCE which means you'll be better equipped when deciding on your next step

  • And ultimately, you'll clearly gauge the difference between HOW YOU FEEL NOW vs where you WANT TO FEEL

Course Content

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"The Truth can be scary, but NOT KNOWING is CRIPPLING" - Becca Fitzpatrick

BE BRAVE! BE BOLD! Take that first step towards creating the Relationship that you want (and deserve)!